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NEW Business XFactory portal allows you to present your business activities online and makes your company an authority in chosen field of expertise. The moment you get an idea to start campaign, you can present this by using Business XFactory portal. Quality website development services of Business XFactory portal, save time, they are failure-proof, easy to use and cost-effective.


PurposeXFactory portalFor represent your online business and make you an authority in your area of expertise
Included in the priceWeb hosting on powerful servers in USAYes, unlimited data transfer and number of pages .net .org, or Domain name transfer
A professional web designYes, we provide. Here are some examples
Logo designYes, Here are some examples of our designers
Setting up the application and the database serverYes, we provide
Portal maintenance99.9% Site Uptime
Advice and SupportYes
Site E-mailYes, Email by domain name


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Create a Business website to promote your company

Business XFactory Portal represents your business on the internet and makes your company an authority in the chosen field of expertise.

The best thing with Business XFactory portal is that you do not need an expert to built your business multimedia presentations. You can do it by yourself or you can engage any amateur with basic computer skills to maintain your website content and all this in just a couple of minutes. Your employees will be able to do an excellent job, without any additional tools and with easy & simple training.

Business XFactory Portal has a built-in SEO optimization, that rockets your pages to high ranking in web searches. Also, it is incredibly easy to use so there are no professional skills that you need to be able to update your portal daily, hourly or even in seconds. Simply start your presentation with a few clicks.

Business XFactory portal is failure-proof and cost-effective but also it offers quality corporate website development services that will save your time. So, to sum it all:


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XFactory Business portal offers a well organized, updateable site

By creating a Business website that has a beautiful web design you will not gain visitors and customers. You need a portal with simple management system that can control thousands of pages. Also, Business XFactory portal can have unlimited number users and administrators but also it can be maintained by just one administrator. It is up to you.

Your corporate website must be organized. Many people are repulsed by corporations because their websites seems too large, complicated, and confusing. In other words, when someone wants to find informations about your company, they need to do this easily. Customer should be able to take one look at your website and have, if not all, at least a lot of questions answered just by visual means. It is very important that you have your business website as organized as possible. XFactory offers just that - a well organized site with lots of good menus and search options.

Another factor, very important for good corporate website development is that it can be updated fast. Often your business requires constant change in data,links,images and presenting. If you always hire a professional to do it, you will lose a lot of time and money. The content of your future Business Xafctory web portal can be Edited and Deleted in few clicks.

Many corporations have websites which are seen as cold, sterile, and opposite to user friendly. XFactory offers professional website design to suit your business. The header of the portal is real-time animated display of the current page contents. This is an attractive way to display images and text depending on what page, article or presentation you are currently watching. XFactory Business Portal makes this automatically. One of the most important advantages of Business XFactory portal is functionality and design that's incorporated inside that functionality.

Be different, attract attention to your business

  1. XFactory business portal enables creation of Business website with thousands of well-organized web pages. Multiple users can work together on content and have control over that content.
  2. Web Portal with interesting content, and built-in SEO optimization attracts new visitors from Google. Of course the final goal is to create a Business website that represents authority in the field of expertise of your company but also to bring closer people who are interested in your professional area. As time passes you visitors and users are more active on your website and they spread a word about your company and professionalism. Business XFactory web portal offers user profiles, sub-website (users have their own website with many subpages), but also private messaging for all of them.
  3. When you have web portal visitors, you'll be able to present them your business and services.
  4. If your site has interesting content, constant changes to show current information, your Business portal will make you an authority in your area of expertise, it will attract more visitors and your business will expand.